[this is as close to drawing kissing as I’ll ever get]

(( SHOUTS TO THE HIGH HEAVENSBABIES~look at Bo’s smile aaaahhhhhugjjsjsjdnd PERFECT ))

(( does anyone have doodle requests i have a long flight and then i found out that there’s actually another half an hour flight to syracuse from nyc

but there’s a 4 hour layover first. sO I WILL HAVE A LOT OF FREE TIME

obligatory question mark? ))

(( they are tired from all the sloppy makeouts studying
i am sorry for stealing babies for my own dumb messy purposes i am trying to distract myself ))
i have learned

(( u/)w(\u now you know the truth, do not forget it! ))

well i didnt know he was hot

(( how do you think he gets all those random strangers to sleep with him? his charm only goes so far!! ))


(( what r u doin tate ))

(( you dumb piece of shit, you know you’ve got to put a goddman shirt on before your gear
there is like a 90% chance i will hate this in the morning but HEY it’s not angst so that’s something! ))


((what’s up with the fluff!! FROWNS LOUDLY why aren’t u suffering))

[my head is suffering plenty right now you old fart, go feed off of that and let my poor heart have some fluff //sobs]

(( it’s required we trade off once in a blue moon or else audge drowns in the angsty waters and my head explodes from all the fluff leaving a big mess of pink, glittery goop she’s gotta clean up. ))



((something weird is up.

The one who does da fluffy things wants to do the dead and dying things and the one who does the suffering things wants to do the cute fluffy things.

They really are sick, you poor kiddos(!) get better soon—!!))

(( omg this is making me laugh a lot ))